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NameCountry(ies)Start date
Biblioteca Virtual de Salud - BVS CubaCuba6-06-2007
Distance Education Inside and Beyond the Classroom in HaitiHaiti1-01-2002
Instructional Technology Institute (ITI)Jamaica4-04-2000
A Primera PlanaDominican Republic1-01-2001
Conditions for ICT-adoption in developing countriesJamaica1-01-2001
SARTICDominican Republic7-07-2005
RUNetwork Pilot Project in JamaicaJamaica1-01-2000
FUDECODominican Republic1-01-2003
ImpulsarDominican Republic1-01-2004
Biblioteca Virtual en Salud Rep√ɬļblica DominicanaDominican Republic2-02-2002
LearnLink Projects: HAITIHaiti8-08-1997
Le comptoir de la nouvelle économie de GuadeloupeGuadeloupe1-01-2007
Knowing & Growing: ICT training for women organic farmers in the CaribbeanRegional1-01-2006
Centros Tecnológicos ComunitariosDominican Republic12-12-2006
UTech MultiMedia CentreJamaica1-01-2007
Proyecto Impacto Tecnológico ComunitarioDominican Republic12-12-2005
Radio GEDBarbados1-01-2007
CMCEP Desarrollo Tecnológico de MujeresPuerto Rico1-01-2007
Point d'Information et de Communication (PIC)Haiti1-01-2004
Caribbean Universities Project for Integrated Distance Educations (CUPIDE)Regional11-11-2006
Para la inclusión digital de las comunidades del Municipio La CiénagaDominican Republic11-11-2005
Proyecto BohioHaiti - Dominican Republic8-08-2004
Supporting Innovation and New Business CreationDominica - ST Lucia - ST Vincent and the Grenadines3-03-2006
Novatech 2005 project for promoting investment in the ICT sector in the Caribbean.Regional10-10-2005
Communities without BordersJamaica10-10-2005
Disaster Information Kit for the Caribbean Media, Communities and FamiliesRegional4-04-2006
Implementation of the ePayment system at Jamaica Customs.Jamaica8-08-2000
Building mobile, multimedia capacity for rural youth: JamaicaJamaica4-04-2006
Training in Local e-governanceRegional4-04-2006
GOJ/IDB Information and Communication Technology ProjectJamaica2-02-2004
Telework, New Forms of Work and Employment OpportunitiesRegional - Trinidad & Tobago - Jamaica - Barbados7-07-2005
Telecommunication Reform ProjectDominica - Grenada - ST Vincent and the Grenadines - St. Kitts Nevis - ST Lucia1-01-2001
Community Technology ProgrammeBarbados4-04-2006
The SmartStream Project -Integrated Financial Information Management SystemBarbados3-03-1998
USAID/Barbados regional trade projectBarbados3-03-2003
Canadian Scholarship Program for Education at a Distance for the Caribbean (CCDESP)Regional4-04-2006
Haiti: Establishment of multimedia community centresHaiti4-04-2006
Enabling Environment for Private Sector Investment (EEPSI)Barbados7-07-2001
Caribbean Region Web Development ProgramOECS - Barbados4-04-2003
SME Business Skills Improvement ProgramJamaica7-07-2000
CISCO Networking AcademyJamaica1-01-2002
Agriculture for primary schoolsSuriname4-04-2006
Education Sector Enhancement Programme (ESEP) -EDUTECHBarbados12-12-1998
Grenada Investor Tracking SystemGrenada4-04-2006
Dominican Republic: Telecommunications Regulatory Reform ProjectDominican Republic7-07-1999
ORC three-year re-engineer development plan.Jamaica2-02-2001
Private Sector Development ProgrammeJamaica2-02-2004
ICTs and sustainable development of remote, rural and marginalized communitiesRegional - Suriname10-10-2005
Solar-Powered Wireless Internet for Rural EducationHaiti3-03-2005
Latin American and the Caribbean ICT Project Database - PROTICRegional6-06-2004
Jamaica Trade PointJamaica1-01-1999
Electronic Business LegislationJamaica8-08-2002
Implementation of the Regional Action Plan for the information society,eLac 2007Regional3-03-2004
Multimedia for Caribbean CommunitiesSuriname - Barbados - Dominica - Guyana - Trinidad & Tobago3-03-2005
E-Link AmericasRegional3-03-2006
Observatory for the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean (OSILAC), Phases Iand IITrinidad & Tobago - Jamaica - Dominican Republic3-03-2003
Information Technology Employment Creation Development Project (INTEC)Jamaica1-01-2006
PSO services consolidation ‚Äúunder one roof‚ÄĚ project.Jamaica3-03-2002
The Global Distance Learning Network (GDLN) ProjectDominican Republic9-09-2000
Gender Evaluation Methodology for ICT InitiativesRegional3-03-2006
The development of eLandJamaica web site.Jamaica5-05-2001
Computers in Education Project in Primary SchoolsJamaica2-02-2006
Agri-Business Information System (ABIS)Jamaica1-01-2006
ICTs ‚Äď Creating Opportunities for ProgressBarbados - Regional3-03-2006
Postal Services Reform ProjectTrinidad & Tobago4-04-1999
Elaboration of national strategy for security and trust infrastructure in JamaicaJamaica3-03-2006
The Global Teenagers ProjectTrinidad & Tobago - Jamaica3-03-2006
One Stop TCC ProjectJamaica8-08-2003
Jamaica Collaborative for Universal Technology EducationJamaica3-03-2006
Ed-Tech 20/20 Project for Primary Schools -Jamaica2-02-2006
Pesticides ControlJamaica1-01-2006
Regional Telecommunications and ICT Development ProjectOECS2-02-2006
The Caribbean Universities Project for Integrated Distance Education (CUPIDE)Suriname - Jamaica - Haiti - Guyana3-03-2006
Piloting Low cost community access point using Linux Terminal Server ProjectGuyana10-10-2004
Caribbean Regional Sustainable Tourism Development ProgrammeRegional11-11-2006
Centro de Informática Comunitaria de la Universidad del TuraboPuerto Rico - Regional12-12-2005
Caribbean Network of COMMUNITY MULTIMEDIA CENTRESRegional1-01-2007
TOCO FOUNDATIONTrinidad & Tobago1-01-2007
Paiwomak Multimedia CentreGuyana4-04-2005
Zinc LinkJamaica1-01-2001
Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica (JCCE)Cuba9-09-1987
Grencoda community multimedia centreGrenada1-01-2007
Building Community Media Capacity Environmental StewardshipBahamas1-01-2007
Reinforcing the Capacity to Produce and Disseminate Local Content Mass Media Material Within the Framework of CMCsDominica1-01-2007
Training for the digital newsroom at Radio St. LuciaST Lucia1-01-2007
Regional Radio ProjectRegional1-01-2007
World Links in the Dominican RepublicDominican Republic1-01-2007
"Centro Alternativas Rural " El Limón de OcoaDominican Republic1-01-2007
Jamaica National Family Planning BoardJamaica1-01-2007
Caribbean Knowledge and Learning NetworkRegional7-07-2004
fastforwardTrinidad & Tobago5-05-2003
eDominicana: Estrategia Nacional para la Sociedad de la InformaciónDominican Republic1-01-2007
EducandoDominican Republic8-08-2005
Community Information Literacy ProjectTrinidad & Tobago1-01-2007
+ RAICES Project- Project for the installation of F root Server Copies in LACNIC'S RegionRegional4-04-2004
Digital Library of the CaribbeanRegional7-07-2004
Easy Skanking v1Regional12-12-2004
Buscador DOSporTRESCuba6-06-2007
Guyana Development Gateway - Planning PhaseGuyana1-01-2004
LIVE UPRegional3-03-2007
Caribbean ToolkitRegional1-01-2006
Central and Satellite Agriculture Information CentresJamaica1-01-2000
Computer User Television ShowJamaica - Regional1-01-1998
Agriculture Training by Distance LearningJamaica10-10-2000
Jamaica:a new Greenstar Village CenterJamaica1-01-1998
EMPRETEC NetworkGuyana3-03-2003
Ciudad Colonial DigitalDominican Republic6-06-2007
dot-EDU (Digital Opportunity through Technology and Communication Partnerships-Learning Systems)Haiti1-01-2001

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