Draft Policy for the Integration of ICT in the Education System in St Lucia

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Abstract This document is the output of an extensive consultation process, which was organized with the express purpose of customizing, for the education system of St. Lucia, a model Information and Communication Technology (ICT) policy document developed by the OECS Education Reform Unit (OERU). The process was launched with a two-day consultation, where educators and representatives of various stakeholder groups throughout the island were given an opportunity to examine critically all aspects of the model ICT policy document and to make recommendations that would suit the needs of St. Lucia. OERU’s model ICT Policy document was embraced by the Ministry of Education, St. Lucia because it included some key guidelines that could be pursued in ensuring the successful integration of ICT in the education system of St. Lucia. Further, the model ICT Policy document was the result of an initial refinement process, in which various representatives from the education systems of St. Lucia and the other OECS territories participated. The Ministry of Education recognizes that the following principles are critical to the success of the integration of ICTs in the Education System: 3.1 Access .. Accessibility to and utilization of information and knowledge are fundamental to the development of the Country’s citizenry; .. In light of the growing impact of advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) on the economy of St. Lucia, each student must be provided with access to up-todate computer-based tools so as to make a valid contribution to society. 3.2 Creativity and End-User Development .. Knowledge creation and development and the assimilation and utilization of indigenous knowledge are also essential to the development of the Country’s citizenry; .. The availability and creative use of authoring packages by teachers in the development of their own instructional material can have positive impact on the teaching-learning process; .. ICTs must be exploited using innovative methods in order to allow students greater control and flexibility over their learning and thus develop skills at their own level and speed. Consequently, the potential of all individuals (including the mentally and physically challenged) can be enhanced by the use of computer-based resources, including multimedia packages and other electronic learning tools; .. The strategic goal of integration initiatives must be the increased production and creation of knowledge and technologies, in particular software solutions and information systems that are relevant and instrumental in the development process of all sectors of the society.
Keywords ICT integration, education, St Lucia, OECS
Publisher Ministry of Education, Human Resources,Youth and Sports, St Lucia
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Date 16-02-2007
Subject MDG/s 2. Education
Country/Countries ST Lucia
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