Caribbean Information Society Regional Ecosystem

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Author Carlos Miranda Levy
Abstract As part of my research as a Google sponsored fellow at the Reuters Digital Vision program at Stanford University, I developed a series of visual representations of processes, frameworks and ecosystems supporting the Knowledge Society and Human Development through Information and Communication Technologies (ICT4Dev). As I was completing the conceptual framework of my regional research I reviewed my charts this weekend and decided to release them under the Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 2.5 License. Which means basically that they can be copied, reproduced and distributed freely for non-commercial use and that they can be modified and enhanced or changed by others as long as the results are shared with the public in a similar fashion and that the original source is acknowledged. I hope these "maps" are of interest to others and can be put to use in the formulation of strategies for a significant impact of information and communication technologies (ICT) on the Sustainable Human Development processes and the construction of an equitave Knowledge Society. In putting together these conceptual maps, I have to acknowledge and thank the collaboration, feedback and suggestions from my Digital Vision friends and colleagues, in particular Steven Ketchpel, Margarita Quihuis, José Arocha, Mans Olof-Ors, and Sham Bathija. Please, add your comments and suggestions on how to improve the maps. I will be adding detailed textual explanation of each map soon...
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Publisher Sociedad de la Información y Desarrollo Humano
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Date 7-08-2006
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