Measuring the Information Society in the Caribbean- An Assessment of the Capabilities of the Statistical Offices in CDCC member states

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Abstract The paper reports on a study whose aim is to investigate the importance which national statistical offices in the region place on the collection of Information Technology Indicators(ITIs) and to assess the stage that member countries have reached in collecting and publishing some of these basic indicators. The study comes at a time when census information from the 2000 Round of Censuses is being made available. Most countries included questions on computer ownership and internet access on their census questionnaires, the results of which can be used as benchmark data. The information from the census can also be used as a basis for future collection on a geographic basis and for more in-depth household-based surveys on information technology usage. In addition, regional governments have been trying to design effective policies to facilitate the use of ICTs in an effort to stimulate economic development. Statistics are crucial to the development of policies and well defined statistics essential to the formulation of policy and for international comparison.
Keywords Information Technology Indicators, ITIs, information technology statistics
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Date 10-03-2005
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