Information society from the Caribbean perspective: obstacles to the implementation of the Plan of Action of the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS

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Abstract The document was tabled at the 20th Session of the Caribbean Development and Cooperation Committee in the months following the first WSIS meeting, and was intended to critically explore, from the perspective of the Caribbean, what the transition to a Caribbean Information Society would entail in practical terms. It links the goals of the information society to the development goals of the subregion and discusses what conditions must exist if the potential benefits associated with the information society are to be realised. In this context, the recently concluded first session of the WSIS are discussed. Current and potential obstacles to the implementation of the WSIS Plan of Action are identified and recommendations advanced as to how these obstacles might be overcome.
Keywords Caribbean Information Society, WSIS
Publisher ECLAC
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Date 31-03-2004
Subject MDG/s 8. Global partnerships
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Document file The Information Society from the Caribbean perspective- Obstacles to the implementation of the Plan of action of the WSIS.pdf

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