Prospects for Information Service Exports for the English speaking Caribbean

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Author Robert Schware, Susan Hume
Abstract The nature and place of work have been transformed by increasing deregulation of telecommunications and the integration of computers and communications across borders. Large North American corporations are looking to outsource information processing tasks away from their central offices to lower-cost countries, using direct electronic communications. Outsourcing companies thus seek information-friendly environments characterized by well regulated information and communication markets and education policies that favor development of a skilled labor force. The Caribbean is a potential area for these outsourced operations. There are people who are literate, English speaking, trainable in computer supported skills, and available for employment. The governments are stable and based on common English heritage. Time zones and the ability to travel easily to these countries are also favorable characteristics. Labor costs including benefits are quite low by comparison to North America. Telecommunications expenses are significantly higher, however, than in the United States.
Keywords Global market for the informatics industry Caribbean market conditions for informatics Strategies for growing informatics in the Caribbean
Publisher World Bank
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Date 3-06-2002
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