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Author Lloyd Stanbury
Abstract This presentation is coming from a background of involvement and exposure to the leisure industries of entertainment, media and tourism at a national, regional and international level. As a practicing entertainment attorney of over 20 years and in my capacity as chairman of the Caribbean Music Expo and Caribbeat Entertainment Limited for the past 4 to 5 years, I have had the benefit of extensive travel and interaction with local, regional and international operators in the entertainment and media industries. Through research, report writing, participation in meetings and conferences and direct business interaction with producers and marketers of leisure products and services particularly music, a body of information has been accumulated which influences this presentation. The presentation is in a sense a case study or the story of an experiment with ICTs in entertainment.
Keywords Entertainment/ICT Digital Multimedia Training Production and Distribution Centres Training Telecentres
Publisher Caribbean Music Expo Limited
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Date 28-04-2003
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