Central Information Technology Offfice

Website http://www.cito.gov.jm
Description The Central Information Technology Office (CITO) of the Government of Jamaica is a publicly owned company established by Cabinet. It is intended to be an enabler for the Government in: defining, implementing, monitoring, sourcing; and continuously improving Public Sector ICT Services which create quality and efficiency in a cost effective manner. CITO reports directly to the Minister of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce and, through him, to the Sub-Committee of Cabinet responsible for Information and Communications Technology. The main strategic objectives of CITO are to: •Prepare and continuously update the National Five Year ICT Strategic Plan, and monitor the implementation of the strategy •Issue, each year, an updated National e-Readiness Survey for Jamaica •Manage and maintain a database of current and planned Public Sector ICT projects •Foster the implementation of Government Standards for selected ICT and related procurement areas, with the associated monitoring and evaluation programs •Guide the improvement of national legislation and associated regulations which will facilitate the increased use of ICT and electronic commerce •Take a lead role and manage the implementation of projects which involve public/private sector partnerships and which result in more "joined up" government •Take a lead role in managing the implementation of national standards for document storage, management, access and distribution •Play a role in the education of the public and private sectors in order to promote the increasingly effective use of technology
Region/Country of Focus Jamaica
Type of organisation Government
Details for contact person Michael duQuesnay, Chief Executive Officer, PCJ Building 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10, Jamaica, W.I. Tel (876) 960-1009 or email info@cito.gov.jm

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