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Jamaica Intellectual Property Office

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JIPO was established to streamline, modernize, and provide a focal point for the administration of both Industrial Property and Copyright and Related Rights, in order for the Government to fulfil its bilateral and multilateral obligations in the field of Intellectual Property. The organisation's mandate is to administer the intellectual property systems, which includes the registration of Trade Marks, Industrial Designs and Geographical Indications, the administration of Copyright and Related Rights, and the administration of the Patent System, New Plant Varieties and Layout-Designs (Topographies) Act. Its Objectives are: -To contribute to national economic growth and development through the proper protection, administration and enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs). -To provide Jamaican creators, investors, and commercial enterprises, as well as foreign rights holders with modern and comprehensive procedures and facilities for the protection of their IPRs. -To facilitate an international level of IP protection for Jamaican rights holders. -To heighten public awareness on the importance and economic value of IPRs and the end need for the protection of these rights. -To facilitate the improvement of the IP system in light of new technologies and globalization of trade, through the modernization of the laws and the accession to relevant international treaties and agreements.

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Director General 4th Floor, PCJ Building 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10. Phone: (876).754.6350/60 Fax: (876).929.1190 Email:

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