Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations

Description The Caribbean Association of National Telecommunication Organizations (CANTO) was founded in 1985 as a nonprofit association of telephone operating companies in the Caribbean. This initiative marked the first time that Caribbean operating companies had come together to address independently a wide array of telecommunication issues of mutual concern. CANTO’s objective, then and now, is to establish a forum through which Caribbean Telecommunication Organizations may exchange information and expertise pertaining to the telecommunications field, generate inputs for orderly growth of the sector, formulate policy and consider matters of mutual interest to its members. In 2005, the organisation had sixty eight members in thirty countries. CANTO is now recognized as a major trade association in the telecommunication sector, not only in the region but also internationally. The organisation networks with other organizations such as CARICOM, CTU, CITEL, IBC, CCAA and ITU.
Region/Country of Focus Regional
Type of organisation Civil society
Details for contact person Ms. Regenie Fräser Secretary General Phone: (868)622-7448 E-mail:

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