Office of Utilities Regulation

Description The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) was established by an Act of Parliament in 1995 to regulate the operations of utility companies. The objectives of the OUR are to: - Establish and maintain transparent, consistent and objective rules for the regulation of utility service providers. - Promote the long term, efficient provision of utility services for national development consistent with Government policy. - Provide an avenue of appeal for consumers in their relationship with the utility service providers. - Work with other related agencies in the promotion of a sustainable environment. - Act independently and impartially. Utility companies include companies that provide Electricity, Telecommunications, Water Supply, Sewerage, Public Passenger Transport by road, rail and ferry. Examples of these companies are the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) and the National Water Commission (NWC). The OUR is headed by a Director General who is supported by two deputy directors general. The Director General is appointed by the Governor General while the Deputy Directors General are appointed by the Prime Minister.
Region/Country of Focus Jamaica
Type of organisation Government
Details for contact person J. Paul Morgan Director General Office of Utilities Regulation PCJ Resource Centre Third Floor 36 Trafalgar Road Kingston 10 Jamaica, W.I. Email: - Telephone:1-888-991-2209 (876)929-6672 (876)968-6053 Fax: (876)929-3635

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