Spectrum Management Authority

Website http://www.sma.gov.jm
Description The Spectrum Management Authority is the organisation responsible for the allocation and regulation of spectrum in Jamaica. The purpose of such regulation is to ensure that users of the designated frequencies do not interfere with each other or with other licensed users. The SMA sets technical standards, undertakes certification of transmission equipment and monitors and enforces the relevant regulations under the Telecommunications Act, the Broadcasting and Redifusion Act and the Radio and Telegraph Act. About Us | Site Map | Privacy Policy | Contact Us ©2006 Spectrum Management Authority (SMA) -- An Agency under The Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy & Commerce (MITEC)
Region/Country of Focus Jamaica
Type of organisation Government
Details for contact person Ernest W. Smith Managing Director Spectrum Management Authority 53 Knutsford Boulevard, Kingston 5 Tel: (876) 929 8550, 929 8520 Fax: (876) 960-8981

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