Information Society of Barbados

Description The Information Society of Barbados was launched in May 1992. It is a non-profit organization dedicated to the education of persons interested in Information Technology in Barbados. The ISB has links with other institutions such as the Library Association of Barbados and the Barbados Economics Society. The Aims and objectives of the organisation are 1. To unite users, information specialists, suppliers and professional associations and all other persons/organizations in the private and public sectors, engaged in the use and management of information in Barbados, in order to stimulate a national awareness of the value and importance of information. 2. To promote the development of information technology in Barbados by initiating and fostering cooperation between instituions within the Information Sector. 3. To promote a high standard of education and training for users of information services and to sensitise decisions-makers to the importance of information technology to the economic and social development of Barbados. 4. To provide opportunities for members to consider any matters affecting information users or suppliers, and to assist in the promotion of activities which would enhance their knowledge and skills in the interest of expanding this sector. 5. To develop a progressive, non-political, multidisciplinary organization which will be finacially self-sufficient in the long term.
Region/Country of Focus Barbados
Type of organisation Civil society
Details for contact person Infomation Society of Barbados P.O. Box 1143 Bridgetown Barbados, WI

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