Description The ASPIRA Association, Inc. is the only US based national nonprofit organization devoted solely to the education and leadership development of Puerto Rican and other Latino youth. ASPIRA takes its name from the Spanish verb aspirar, "aspire." Since 1961 ASPIRA has pursued its mission of empowering the Latino community through the development of its youth. All of ASPIRA's goals and activities spring from one basic belief: Puerto Ricans and Latinos have the collective potential to move their community forward. ASPIRA looks at Latino youth and sees this potential; leaders waiting to emerge. With community-based offices in large cities of six states and Puerto Rico, ASPIRA's 1,100 staff members work with over 50,000 youth and their families each year to develop that potential. These are our Aspirantes---those youth who will become educated, committed leaders for the community's future benefit.
Region/Country of Focus Puerto Rico
Type of organisation Civil society
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