The University of the West Indies Distance Education Centre

Description The University of the West Indies (UWI) Distance Education Centre (DEC) works with faculties of UWI located on the three campuses in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, as well as with other organizations, to develop and deliver quality programmes by distance, to meet the learning needs of the people of the Caribbean. There are DE centres located in all the English-speaking Caribbean countries that support UWI. The overarching aim of the UWIDEC is to provide world class distance education for Caribbean people, and in so doing help UWI achieve its mandate of widening access to tertiary level education and training, thereby unlocking the potential of the region for growth and development. More specifically: The Distance Education Centre of the University of the West Indies is dedicated to becoming a centre of excellence in itself and a catalyst for excellence in distance education throughout the University of the West Indies; to developing and delivering quality programmes by distance and, in so doing, meeting the higher education learning needs of an ever widening population of students, in order to contribute to UWI’s mission of unlocking the potential of the peoples of the region. Driven by the commitment to promote increased access to university education, and recognizing the particular and special needs of the distance education student, the UWIDEC assumes the lead role in ensuring that UWI's distance programmes are responsive, learner-centered and cost-effective.
Region/Country of Focus Regional
Type of organisation Academic
Details for contact person Professor Stewart Marshall, Director, The University of the West Indies, Distance Education Centre. Phone: 1-246-417-4575. Email: Mona UWI Mona Campus, Kingston 7 Kingston, Jamaica Phone: 876-927-2831 Fax: 876-977-3494 Email:

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