Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)

Description The purpose of the CDB is "to contribute to the harmonious economic growth and development of the member ountries in the Caribbean (hereinafter called the "region") and to promote economic cooperation and integration among them, having special and urgent regard to the needs of the less developed members of the region". Under Article 2 of its Charter, CDB has the following functions: "(a) to assist regional members in the coordination of their development programmes with a view to achieving better utilization of their resources; making their economies more complementary, and promoting the orderly expansion of their international trade, in particular intra-regional trade; (b) to mobilise within and outside the region additional financial resources for the development of the region; (c) to finance projects and programmes contributing to the development of the region or any of the regional members; (d) to provide appropriate technical assistance to its regional members, particularly by undertaking or commissioning pre-investment surveys and by assisting in the identification and preparation of project proposals; (e) to promote public and private investment in development projects by, among other means, aiding financial institutions in the region and supporting the establishment of consortia; (f) to co-operate and assist in other regional efforts designed to promote regional and locally controlled financial institutions and a regional market for credit and savings; (g) to stimulate and encourage the development of capital markets within the region; and (h) to undertake or promote such other activities as may advance its purpose".
Region/Country of Focus Regional
Type of organisation Other
Details for contact person Caribbean Development Bank P.O. Box 408 Wildey St. Michael Barbados, W.I. Tel. No. (246)431-1600 Fax No. (246)426-7269 Email:

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