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Description The National Information System (NATIS) comprises the institutions in the country (libraries, archives, information and documentation units), which collect materials in all formats (print, audiovisual and electronic) and make available to satisfy the information needs of the nation. The sub-systems that form NATIS collaborate with each other on a voluntary basis to: ensure that there is speedy access to information; provide for sharing; ensure that these institutions are fully integrated into the country's National Information Infrastructure. The National Library of Jamaica has been assigned the responsibility by the Government for coordinating the National Information System and advising the Government on its continued development. This function was formerly carried out by the National Council on Libraries, Archives and Information Systems (NACOLAIS) which was formally dissolved in September 1999. The Government allocated NACOLAIS' functions to a number of ministries and agencies and the National Library was given responsibility to: "Coordinate and advise the Government on the continued development on an integrated National Information System" in order "to ensure the orderly growth and development of the Networks which comprise the NIS". "Collaborate with the Jamaica Archives and Records Department to develop policies and standards for proper management of information resources in the new electronic environment" in order "to ensure standardization and authenticity." Components of the National Information System: The National Library of Jamaica which is responsible for the sectoral networks consisting of library and information units in the public and private sectors. These are: Social and Economic Information Network (SECIN) with the Planning Institute of Jamaica as the focal point; Scientific and Technology Information Network (STIN) with the Scientific Research Council as the focal point; College Libraries Information Network (COLINET) with the University of Technology as the focal point; Jamaica Agriculture Documentation and Information Network (JADIN) with the Ministry of Agriculture as the focal point; Legal Information Network (LINET) with the Supreme Court Library as the focal point; Audiovisual Information Network (AVIN) with the Audiovisual department of the National Library of Jamaica as the focal point. The Jamaica Library Service with its island network of service points The Libraries of the University of the West Indies The Jamaica Archives and Records Department
Region/Country of Focus Jamaica
Type of organisation Government
Details for contact person Head National Library of Jamaica 12 East Street, Kingston, Jamaica Telephone: [876] 967-1526, 967-2516, 967-2494, 967-2496 Fax: [876] 922-5567

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