Trinidad and Tobago Linux Users Group (TTLUG)

Description The Trinidad and Tobago Linux Users' Group is a loose collection of individuals interested in using the Linux operating system. The group was formed in 1999 by Kerry Panchoo (1st Chairman), Alain Huitdeniers and Dr. Adrian Chung to promote linux and open source in Trinidad & Tobago. In the 1st few months the group size grew from 4 to about 10-15 members. Through an effort with a private company, the group was able to exhibit in South Ex 1999 which led to membership growing to over 40 members. Over time, the group grew to a size of about 200. The group is presently being restructured. The group has a group mailing list for members (developers, sysadmins, users, enthusiasts and others) to discuss Free, Libre, Open Source and Linux, general issues and troubleshoot member problems.
Region/Country of Focus Trinidad & Tobago
Type of organisation Civil society
Details for contact person Richard Jobity

Consorcio CarISnet
JSPN DevNet Taig?ey

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