FLOS Caribbean

Website http://www.floscaribbean.org/
Description FLOS Caribbean is a non profit entity with a focus on promoting the use and development of Free, Libré and Open Source software in the Caribbean. The concept of FLOS is based on the many definitions of the word “freedom”, and translates into many benefits for users by providing software that is of high quality, affordable, secure and reliable. This freedom has also benefited SMEs and larger businesses by allowing them to achieve their competitive advantages easier and more efficiently. As a registered non-profit organisation, FLOS Caribbean aims to do the following: - To promote the development and use of Free, Libré and Open Source (FLOS) software in Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean region. - To educate the Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean community on the value and use of FLOS software as an acceptable alternative to proprietary software. - To promote the professional development of Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean persons involved in FLOS software development - To maintain a Trinidad and Tobago and Caribbean community of FLOS developers, with a fraternal interest in FLOS. FLOS Caribbean is managed by an Executive, with a Board of Directors comprising professionals in various fields from the wider Caribbean region.
Region/Country of Focus Trinidad & Tobago
Type of organisation Civil society
Details for contact person Richard Jobity, President richard.jobity@floscaribbean.org info@floscaribbean.org

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