Information and Communications Technology Society of Trinidad and Tobago (ICTS)

Description Formerly the ITPS, the ICTS was established in 1994, making this its 11th year in existence. Over the years it has sought to influence the level of professionalism in the field of Information Technology in Trinidad & Tobago and over the past few years has been gearing up to be more representative of the IT industry by becoming a member of the World Information Technology and Services Alliance and forging a close relationship with the Ministry of Public Administration and Information. Our objectives are to build and retain membership, conduct thought leadership sessions, continue to work on providing accreditation for a suitable certification of IT professionals in Trinidad & Tobago, and foster greater partnering in the IT industry.
Region/Country of Focus Trinidad & Tobago
Type of organisation Civil society
Details for contact person ICTS, P.O. Box 5087, Port of Spain, Trinidad & Tobago

Consorcio CarISnet
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