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Lead Organisation LearnLink
Type of Project Activity Project which enable ICT4D environment
Project URL http://learnlink.aed.org/Projects/haiti.htm
Brief Description The Haitian Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry is a relatively young and dynamic industry. Currently, there are approximately 8 telephone lines per thousand citizens in Haiti, compared to an average of 65 per thousand throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. Penetration of telecommunications services to secondary cities and rural areas is extremely limited. This Task Order aims to increase access to communication and e-commerce in Haiti through improved, expanded Internet services. This activity contributes to USAID/Haiti’s Mission Strategic Objective to reduce poverty. More specifically, it will also support economic growth and increased human resource capacity. Access to communication will be improved by reinforcing the technical capabilities of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to expand geographically and by spearheading the creation of Community-based Information and Communication Centers (Telecenters) in key cities
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Contact email ict@aed.org
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Funding Agencies LearnLink
Target Beneficiaries Individual
Start Date 15-08-1997
End Date 25-01-2007
Project Budget NC
Current Status NC
Countr(ies) Involved Haiti
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