Central and Satellite Agriculture Information Centres

Lead Organisation St. Elizabeth/Manchester Vegetable Growers Association
Type of Project Activity Development project with ICT4D component
Project URL
Brief Description Central And Satellite Agricultural Information Centres CSAIC will provide information on all the various activities pertaining to agriculture in Jamaica, production, marketing, processing, export, import while simultaneously providing up to date information on global competition, trends which impact on local production. The key beneficiaries are the 400 members of the farmers association St Elizabeth Manchester Vegetable Growers Association. The STMVGA members and other vegetable-producing farmers in the region will be able to access information relative to demand, quality, standards, price and inputs, the most productive seeds, chemicals and equipment post harvests technology. This will help the farmers to determine what crops to grow based on demand utilising the most productive inputs and technology.
Contact name Anthony Freckleton
Contact email tony_freckleton@mandevilleweekly.com
Contact Phone/Fax (+1 876) 9614142 / 9610118
Regular Postal Address Mandeville Publishers Ltd. 31 Ward Avenue Mandeville Manchester Jamaica West Indies
Affiliated Organisations
Funding Agencies NCST IICD
Target Beneficiaries Farmers
Start Date 1-01-2000
End Date 6-06-2007
Project Budget US$ 60,000
Current Status In progress
Countr(ies) Involved Jamaica
Sector Agriculture
Description of ICT Components Project staff will be trained in the collection, packaging and storage of information in databases and a web site format. The Satellite Centres are linked to information via the Internet. Initially, customers will have access to information through personal visits to the centres. Eventually, customers will be able to access the information via the Internet.
Millennium Development Goals
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