Computer User Television Show

Lead Organisation Island of Industries
Type of Project Activity Project which enable ICT4D environment
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Brief Description Simple and complex computer skills are rapidly becoming a basic requirement for employees in the main economic sectors in Jamaica. Yet, there is only limited awareness of the importance of computer skills. More importantly, the Jamaican population has had little opportunity to participate in computer training. Realising the importance of computer skills to modern education, the government of Jamaica has put the information society high on the agenda as a means to improve its educational competitiveness and therefore, economic development. This will require widespread awareness of and skill development in computers among Jamaicans whose current access to the use of new technologies is limited. Consequently, out of an IICD ICT Roundtable held in Kingston in July 1998, Computer User Television Show emerged as a means to effectively disseminate useful computer knowledge.
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Funding Agencies COLIS KASNET Software Training Centre Frame-by-Frame PC-JAM Min. of Commerce & Technology NCST IICD
Target Beneficiaries Citizens
Start Date 1-01-1998
End Date 7-06-2007
Project Budget USD155 000
Current Status In progress
Countr(ies) Involved Jamaica;Regional
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