Jamaica:a new Greenstar Village Center

Lead Organisation Greenstar Solar Community Center
Type of Project Activity Development project with ICT4D component
Project URL http://www.e-greenstar.com/Jamaica/firstlook.htm
Brief Description Greenstar has developed a solar-powered community center that delivers electricity, pure water, health and education information and a wireless connection to villages in the developing world - and connects people in those villages, and their traditional culture, to the global community. The organization works with people in traditional cultures to digitally record the voice of their community, expressed through original music, artwork, photography, video and other arts. Revenues earned from this digital culture are used to fund an ongoing, community-driven process of literacy, local business, education and training, public health, and environmental programs.
Contact name Charlie Gay
Contact email mjnorth@greenstar.org
Contact Phone/Fax (+1 805) 3708530
Regular Postal Address 6128 Blackburn Ave., Los Angeles CA 90036
Affiliated Organisations
Funding Agencies U.S. State Department s "Internet for Economic Development" group
Target Beneficiaries Rural communities
Start Date 1-01-1998
End Date 7-06-2007
Project Budget NA
Current Status In progress
Countr(ies) Involved Jamaica
Sector Education
Description of ICT Components In addition to solar power panels, a computer, scanner and digital camera, Greenstar has provided a Sun Oven to Swift River
Millennium Development Goals 1. Poverty Eradication;2. Education
Project Document(s)

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