Solar-Powered Wireless Internet for Rural Education

Lead Organisation Haiti Community Development Inc.
Type of Project Activity Development project with ICT4D component
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Brief Description The objective of the project is to help Haitian teachers improve the quality, efficiency, and coverage of education provided to students and to expand the horizon of students and teachers alike by giving them access to unlimited educational resources via solar-energy powered wireless Internet. This project offers opportunities for educational and informational programming for the community, especially for older children and adults and provides them with relevant life-skills training.
Contact name Guirlaine Celius
Contact email
Contact Phone/Fax (908)559-6388 Fax: (908)559-1931
Regular Postal Address Haiti Community Development Inc.
Affiliated Organisations Haiti Community Development Inc.
Funding Agencies Development Marketplace(DM)
Target Beneficiaries Students and Teachers
Start Date 7-03-2005
End Date 19-03-2006
Project Budget $81,900
Current Status completed
Countr(ies) Involved Haiti
Sector Education
Description of ICT Components The use of the Internet, coupled with the use of selected audiovisual materials as effective teaching tools, will result in improved language, reading comprehension, writing, grammar, and mathematical and scientific skills.
Millennium Development Goals 2. Education;1. Poverty Eradication
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