ICTs and sustainable development of remote, rural and marginalized communities

Lead Organisation UNESCO Office for the Caribbean
Type of Project Activity Development project with ICT4D component
Project URL http://portal.unesco.org/en/ev.php-URL_ID=29698&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html
Brief Description The second regional workshop in the Caribbean in the area of ICTs and Development. The main goal of the workshop was to give the beneficiaries of the Multimedia for Caribbean Community (CMC) project the opportunity to share ideas, experiences and best practices, identify the strengths and weaknesses of their respective centres, thereby promoting creativity and intercultural dialogue and strengthening the Regional Network.
Contact name Alton Grizzle
Contact email a.grizzle@unesco.org
Contact Phone/Fax 929-7087 Fax: 9298468
Regular Postal Address 25 Dominica Drive Kingston 5
Affiliated Organisations EDUCONS Government of Suriname
Funding Agencies UNESCO Office for the Caribbean, Government of Suriname, Education and Communication Network Suriname
Target Beneficiaries Media practitioners in the region
Start Date 12-10-2005
End Date 14-10-2005
Project Budget N/A
Current Status on going
Countr(ies) Involved Regional;Suriname
Sector Education
Description of ICT Components Individual centres will present thematic case studies showcasing the impact the use of Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) has had on the eradication of poverty, democracy, peace and sustainable development of their communities
Millennium Development Goals 2. Education;8. Global partnerships;7. Environmental sustainability;1. Poverty Eradication
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