Canadian Scholarship Program for Education at a Distance for the Caribbean (CCDESP)

Lead Organisation Commonwealth of Learning - COL
Type of Project Activity Project which enable ICT4D environment
Project URL
Brief Description This project provides scholarships so that students from the Caribbean Islands belonging to the Commonwealth can study at a distance in Canadian institutions when they finish high-school. The program was based on the traditional CSFP, with the added of scholarships for the information highway. Under the tutorship of the partners of this initiative in the Caribbean, the awardees apply in the vocational areas for which they feel they are predisposed or have abilities
Contact name Grace Chin
Contact email
Contact Phone/Fax (+1 604) 7758200
Regular Postal Address The Commonwealth of Learning, Suite 600 - 1285 West Broadway, Vancouver, BC V6H 3X8 (Canadá)
Affiliated Organisations N/A
Funding Agencies Canadian Government
Target Beneficiaries High School Graduates
Start Date 25-04-2006
End Date 25-04-2006
Project Budget N/A
Current Status on going
Countr(ies) Involved Regional
Description of ICT Components
Millennium Development Goals
Project Document(s)

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