Postal Services Reform Project

Lead Organisation MINISTRY OF PUBLIC UTILITIES, Trinidad & Tobago
Type of Project Activity Development project with ICT4D component
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Brief Description This project seeks to expand the coverage and quality of postal services, achieve major efficiency gains, and, become more responsive to client needs. In addition, an increased private sector participation will be pursued, through performance-based management delegation and further long term involvement of the private sector
Contact name Dana Rysankova
Contact email N/A
Contact Phone/Fax N/A
Regular Postal Address N/A
Affiliated Organisations GOVERNMENT OF REPUBLIC OF T & T
Funding Agencies The World Bank
Target Beneficiaries Postal services personnels
Start Date 13-04-1999
End Date 30-06-2006
Project Budget USD$ 23.2 million
Current Status active
Countr(ies) Involved Trinidad & Tobago
Sector Private sector development
Description of ICT Components The components include: 1) improving labor efficiency, through a voluntary separation employment package, consistent with the country's labor laws, and granted after consultation with the union; 2) increasing private sector participation. This component includes the offer of a Delegated Management Arrangement (DMA) to a corporation or consortia as the first phase in the transfer of operation and management to the private sector; 3) modernizing facilities, through the rehabilitation, refurbishment and replacement of existing equipment and/or buildings. This component includes the upgrade of counter automation and information systems; 4) strengthening institutional capacity, through disbursement of funds for the capital investment program and performance monitoring. Deregulation of postal services and implementation of the second phase of private sector participation, offering a Long Term Arrangement (LTA) for a deeper private sector involvement, are included.
Millennium Development Goals
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