The Caribbean Universities Project for Integrated Distance Education (CUPIDE)

Lead Organisation The University of the West Indies
Type of Project Activity Development project with ICT4D component
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Brief Description Immediate objectives: 1.To collaboratively develop the pilot course on distance education; 2.To (further) develop the institutional strategic plans for distance education incorporating the use of ICT; 3.To develop and implement a mechanism for electronic distribution of materials; 4.To develop a Web portal; 5.To implement the VSAT3 network based on E-Link Americas; 6.Based on the strategic plan of each institution, to identify specific programmes and staffing requirements and training for each of the universities; 7.To identify appropriate personnel (academic, administrative, technical) in each institution to be trained in ICT for teaching, administration, and materials delivery, thereby building the human resource capacity in the provider institutions; 8.To provide where necessary technical assistance in the development of the technical, administrative, and educational systems based on the use of ICT; 9.To train the persons who have to use the technology including students; 10.To identify the requisite recurrent budgetary support; 11.To establish with the support of CARICOM and other such bodies strategic linkages with providers and manufacturers; 12.Working with CARADOL4 to continue to strengthen the links among the universities and other institutions; 13.To develop projections of prospects for expansion to other institutions at different levels of the educational system; 14.To evaluate the project.
Contact name Ms. Christine Marrett
Contact email
Contact Phone/Fax N/A
Regular Postal Address N/A
Affiliated Organisations UNESCO(executing agency)
Funding Agencies Japanese Funds-In-Trust for Capacity Building
Target Beneficiaries The University of West Indies, University of Guyana, University Quisqueya (Haiti), Anton de Kom University of Suriname, University of Technology, Jamaica.
Start Date 15-03-2006
End Date 15-03-2006
Project Budget N/A
Current Status In progess
Countr(ies) Involved Suriname;Jamaica;Haiti;Guyana
Sector Education
Description of ICT Components the adoption of Internet and web based technologies as the platform for the delivery of distance education, provided the rationale for the CUPIDE project to be revisited in 2004 with regard to the choices of technologies in delivering on its purpose and to seek the benefits through synergies within the overall umbrella of the CARICOM agenda and in particular the Caribbean Knowledge and Learning Network (CKLN) and E-Links Americas2.
Millennium Development Goals 2. Education;8. Global partnerships
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