Information Technology Employment Creation Development Project (INTEC)

Lead Organisation Ministry of Commerce Science and Technology, Jamaica
Type of Project Activity Project which enable ICT4D environment
Project URL N/A
Brief Description The INTEC project was intended to establish the framework for a knowledge-based society in an effort to foster and sustain long-term economic development. In order to achieve the goal of accelerated economic development, three basic objectives were drivers of the project: ˇThe creation of jobs to ensure short-term results the (the provision of 40,000 jobs over three years is one of the deliverables. ˇThe development of a knowledge-based society through training and retraining, and the strengthening of our human resource. ˇThe development of a local information technology industry.
Contact name Dr Jean Dixon
Contact email
Contact Phone/Fax (876) 929-8990-9
Regular Postal Address 36 Trafalgar Road, Kingston 10
Affiliated Organisations HEART/NTA, the Workforce Development Consortium, the Association of Independent Schools, the National Youth Service, the Universities and the Ministry of Education, as well as private sector investors
Funding Agencies Government of Jamaica
Target Beneficiaries NA
Start Date 29-01-2006
End Date 29-01-2006
Project Budget Ja$5 billion (US$ 8.5M)
Current Status Complete
Countr(ies) Involved Jamaica
Description of ICT Components
Millennium Development Goals
Project Document(s)

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