Elaboration of national strategy for security and trust infrastructure in Jamaica

Lead Organisation Government of Jamaica
Type of Project Activity Project which enable ICT4D environment
Project URL http://www.itu.int/ITU-D/e-strategy/e-applications/Jamaica/index.html
Brief Description The main objectives of the project: 1.Provide assistance in the elaboration of a technology strategy for the implementation of a public key infrastructure (PKI) that includes certification and registration authorities as the platform for the delivery of critical business and government services 2.Assist in defining the technology specifications for the implementation of a GOJ PKI to enable the provisioning of services identified by GOJ as priority for this phase of the project 3.Provide general guidance in the definition of an enabling policy environment for e-signatures and digital certification services
Contact name N/A
Contact email N/A
Contact Phone/Fax N/A
Regular Postal Address
Affiliated Organisations Ministry of Commerce, Science and Technology (MCST)
Funding Agencies GOJ
Target Beneficiaries public and private sectors of Jamaica
Start Date 18-03-2006
End Date 18-03-2006
Project Budget N/A
Current Status on going
Countr(ies) Involved Jamaica
Description of ICT Components
Millennium Development Goals
Project Document(s)

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