Grencoda community multimedia centre

Lead Organisation IPDC
Type of Project Activity Development project with ICT4D component
Project URL
Brief Description The purpose of this project is to establish a community multi-media centre on Grenada's west coast, with a view to improving the communicative capacity of rural women and youth to access the information they need to participate in national dialogues and democratic decision-making processes affecting their livelihoods. The centre will provide communication services, and offer training to at least 40 rural women and youth in ICT skills such as website development, audio and videotaping, and Internet. The project will also support the array of training programmes and vital information that GRENCODA, an NGO that has been working in rural development since 1985, currently provides to rural women and youth by editing and documenting training experiences into self-learning multimedia packages. Finally, it will provide services to at least 40 local producers in desktop publishing.
Contact name Mr. Alton GRIZZLE
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Affiliated Organisations
Funding Agencies IPDC Special Account
Target Beneficiaries Rural women and youth
Start Date 20-01-2007
End Date 20-01-2007
Project Budget US$20,000
Current Status NC
Countr(ies) Involved Grenada
Sector Education
Description of ICT Components Community multi-media centre ICT skills such as website development, audio and videotaping, and Internet
Millennium Development Goals 1. Poverty Eradication;2. Education
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