Reinforcing the Capacity to Produce and Disseminate Local Content Mass Media Material Within the Framework of CMCs

Lead Organisation IPDC
Type of Project Activity Project which enable ICT4D environment
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Brief Description Despite the wide radio coverage in the country, and access to television and cable, locally generated information that may equip citizens to determine their own development remains grossly inadequate. One solution envisaged is to revise the regulatory system governing media programming thus generating more competition and to significantly reduce the existing government dominance of state owned media houses. Another is to pursue the objectives foreseen under UNESCO’s strategic programme of action begun under the previous biennium entitled Focus on the Caribbean which highlighted the urgent introduction of community multimedia telecentres with additional basic electronic infrastructures for print, sound, photo and video for local transmission via radio and television . This also foresaw access to the internet for downloading as well as posting new informtaion for community, national and international consumption. Multimedia centres were set up in at least three rural communities in Dominica - Dubique, the Carib Territory and Grand Bay. This project intends to accelerate the growth of the multimedia centre by introducing the traditional media component necessary for the promotion and support of community based development initiatives and contribute positively to income generation, enhanced employment opportunities and poverty alleviation at both the community and national levels. The establishment of mechanisms to produce and disseminate relevant development-oriented information of quality by and for communities is expected to contribute significantly to community empowerment and lend a greater voice to issues affecting the lives and livelihoods of citizens while facilitating improved decision making. This is particularly important at this moment of crisis in the economic situation of the country where mechanisms to positively engage citizens in the development process are lacking. Diversification and independent ownership of media entities are encouraged particularly on the community levels, in light of their relevance to local programme content, free expression and development. This project will facilitate the creation of printed materials such as on-line newsletters, posters, bulletins, and sound materials for both community and mainstream media, digital photographic material for magazines and newspapers, audio and video clips and programmes for local radio and television consumption as well as the internet and the creation of web pages on various sectoral themes.
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Funding Agencies IPDC
Target Beneficiaries Rural communities
Start Date 20-01-2007
End Date 20-01-2007
Project Budget US$20,000
Current Status NC
Countr(ies) Involved Dominica
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